Friday, September 12, 2014

Java Fern | Microsorum Pteropus - Information, Care, Grow

Name in stores:  Java Fern
Latin Name:
Microsorum Pteropus 
Ideal Water Temperature:  68 - 82.4 Fahrenheit | 20 - 28 Celsius
Ideal Water PH: 
KH 3-8, pH 6.0-7.5
Ligh Requirements:
Moderate or Low Lighting
Rate of Growth: 
Difficulty Level:
South East Asia
Ideal Position in Aquarium:
Middle Ground

Java Fern is one of my favorite aquarium plants because of its beauty and low maintenance. They can easily attach to driftwood or rocks so they give a very natural look to the aquascape. They are also serve as an excellent place for baby fish to hide in. 

How to Propagate Java Fern in an Aquarium Video

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